Liquid rays of sunshine…

served in an 0,1 l whisky glass. A rarity from the Slyrs oak barrel. Our Whisky Bock. Original gravitiy 20,7 %, alcohol content 9,3%, matured for 6 months in a wooden barrel, powerful body, pleasant sweetness, subtle whisky aromas and a touch of vanilla. Pleasantly foaming on the tongue. Cheers!

Resi – the golden Theresien-Beer

Strong and golden as the September sun! Resi – our golden Oktoberfest beer Original gravity 14.5%, alcohol content 6.3% Hallertauer Tradition hops, brewed using the traditional three-mash process, matured for 6 weeks, elegantly dry, full-bodied, wonderfully drinkable. Enjoy Resi during the Oktobefest at the Paulaner Bräuhaus! A cheer for a peaceful “Oktoberfest”