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The Paulaner Bräuhaus is more than just an inn…

This is where it’s brewed!

The essence of Munich life. Our master brewer combines the experience gained over generations with the latest developments in the high art of brewing.

Right now on tap: Pale Ale – Susan


our Bavarian answer to Brexit negotiations. A homebrewed transfer of culture. Unfiltered, original gravity of 14,0 %, alhohol content 6,0 %, amber colored. The Hallertauer Comet hops give rise to aromas of blueberries and mellow figs. Five weeks storage in the cellar develops the full charactar of Susan.Cheers!


An inn with a history!

The building at Kapuzinerplatz 5 was formerly the bar that served the beer produced by the Thomasbräu brewery and has been a Munich inn ever since. The Gebrüder Thomass brewery was located on the land behind it. This is where they brewed one of the first Munich light beers. The Thomasbräu merged with the Paulaner brewery in 1928. The name ‘Thomasbräu’ finally disappeared in 1994 when the company changed its official title. The first Paulaner Bräuhaus moved into Kapuzinerplatz 5 in 1989, marking the start of a global success story. Hermann Zimmerer, Daniel Demut and chef Thomas Brandfass have been working their magic in the Paulaner Bräuhaus since 2013. Together, they stand for authentic regional cuisine and an atmosphere of warm hospitality.

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