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Find yourself a nice, cosy spot in our Brewhouse and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere around the copper-coloured brew kettle. On brewing days, a breath-taking fragrance fills the rooms – and you are right in the midst of the process of hand-crafted beer production. Anyone who wants to know more can then take a glimpse behind the scenes for a bird’s eye view of how and where our home-brewed beer is created. Our master brewer only uses the best ingredients. The malt comes from a first-class malting plant in Schierling and the hops are from Hallertau. Alongside our ever-popular Zwickl and Bräuhaus Weisse beers, you can also enjoy our changing seasonal beers. Our Beer Calendar provides a full list of these, or else you can check out our brewing secret

You can book a spontaneous brewing tour every saturday with munichwalktorus.

Beer Gallery

Always on hand

This beer is a declaration of love to Munich

Bräuhaus Zwickl

unfiltered, original gravity: 12.3%, alcohol content: 5.4% Barley malt from Schierling, bottom-fermented yeast, stored for 40 days, Hallertau hops harmonious and sparkling, amber-coloured, full-bodied, a touch of home

A beer that’s as refreshing as Munich's River Isar

Bräuhaus Weiße

naturally cloudy, original gravity: 12.5%, alcohol content: 5.4% Hallertau hops, wheat malt from Schierling and barley malt, top-fermented yeast, stored for about 4 weeks cool, refreshing and always welcome, slightly sweet, lively, with subtle bitter notes

Seasonal Highlights

A home-grown springtime treat

Vroni - the Hop Queen

unfiltered, original gravity: 12.5%, alcohol content: 5.3% A pilsner brewed using the hop varieties Tradition and Spalter Select, an old hop variety from beautiful Franconia, subtle bitter notes and intense hop aroma, refreshingly flowery, elegantly dry

A rarity from the Slyrs oak barrel

Whiskey Bock

Original gravity: 20.7%, alcohol content: 9.3% matured for 6 months in a wooden barrel, powerful body, pleasant sweetness, subtle whisky aromas and a touch of vanilla. Pleasantly foaming on the tongue

A flirtation in May


Copper-coloured, glowing with an intense expressiveness. Aromas of sweet fruits, mango and apricot mean that resistance is futile. A powerful body, maltily sweet notes and a balanced hop bitterness. As beguiling as the spring air, with a fine, long-lasting foam crown, guaranteed to give long moments of pure, bright pleasure.

To make the soul dance!

Vladimir – The False Russian

Original gravity 13.4%, alcohol content 6.0% A summer weissbier to fall in love with. Top-fermented, cold-hopped, with citrus and Tradition hops giving a refreshing citrus note. Tastes of summer, sun and more.

Home-brewed migration

Ceres – four grains, one beer

Original gravity 12.7%, alcohol content 5.2% The fresh hop notes from the Hersbrucker hops and the aromas of spelt and rye produce a soft mouthfeel and an incomparably varied flavour experience. Variety is the spice of life!

A beer that’s exotic and yet so familiar!

"Pauline" Dunkles Weißbier

naturally cloudy, original gravity 13.5 %, alcohol content 6.0% Chestnut-coloured, top-fermented weissbier with a fruity, banana-like aroma and pleasantly gentle toasted malt notes, mildly hopped. Enticingly light fruity notes, an invitation to daydream

As strong and golden as the September sun!

Resi – our golden Oktoberfest beer

Original gravity 14.5%, alcohol content 6.3% Hallertauer Tradition hops, brewed using the traditional three-mash process, matured for 6 weeks, elegantly dry, full-bodied, wonderfully drinkable