Moments of Delight

Eating & Drinking

Relax and enjoy…

This is something to make your mouth water! You’ll love our refreshingly Bavarian brewery cooking! Fresh ingredients, regional products and local recipes served competently and without any fuss. We have absolute confidence in the quality standards guaranteed by our selected suppliers: Beef from Simmenthaler Fleckvieh cattle, ducks and geese from the Lugeder poultry farm and roast pork from Schwäbisch-Hall pigs. We are also dedicated to creating the finest dishes for our vegetarian guests based on old and new varieties of vegetables and grains.

Variety is the spice of life!

This also applies, of course, for our beers that we brew in-house and our superb selection of drinks. There are so many ways to quench your thirst! Our service staff will help you choose, or you can make up your mind here.

You’ll find our lunchtime meals from €6.70 here: – Current menu

We’re happy to send you our menu each week by mail. You just need to register at: – Newsletter Paulaner Bräuhaus